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Quick and Easy Installation

No Flashing Before It's Time

Thru-wall flashing has been a problem for masons and spray foam contractors ever since it has been used on the annular space between the exterior sheathing and the brick or block.

Flashing used to be installed prior to spray foam application.  The Flashing was distorted and contaminated by the spraying process.

The flashing was further damaged by exposure to the elements prior to brick or block setting.

These issues have now been solved!!

Quick and Easy Installation

 Flash Trac uses a simple process where the flashing receiver is placed on the wall prior to the application of spray foam insulation.  The receiver can stay there indefinitely until the brick or block are to be laid.  Then, the flashing is inserted into the receiver where a retaining rod holds it securely 

Display real testimonials

Our product is new but is already receiving the highest marks from anyone that sees it.

A large university in Vermont was the first place Flash Trac was installed.  It was referred to as "a complete success".

Benefits of Flash Trac

Without Flash Trac

You can see the contamination.  The membrane actually goes up, not down.

With Flash Trac

The membrane receiver is at a constant 15 degree downward angle.

With Flash Trac

There is absolutely no contamination on the membrane flashing from the Spray Foam Insulation application.

Tired of cleaning or patching flashing before the first brick is ever laid?


What's more important than staying on budget and meeting a deadline? Nothing!!

Having to go back and redo work that has already been done is both time consuming and expensive.  It can often mean the difference between making money and losing money.

Cutting out and replacing or repairing flashing that has been damaged takes time that could be used laying brick or block.

It can also be a potential liability in that if the flashing is not repaired correctly, it could leak in the future.


Check out this great video of what Flash Trac is all about.


3M Flashing Tape Installation Instructions (pdf)


3M Flashing Tape MSDS (pdf)


3M Flashing Tape Sheet (pdf)




Flash Trac Installation Instructions 9-26 (pdf)


Flash Trac Introduction (pdf)


Flash Trac Overview (pdf)


Flash Trac Specification Sheet 9-26 (pdf)


Three part Spec for Flash Trac 1-13-15 (doc)


Three part Spec for Flash Trac 1-13-15 (pdf)


Flash Track Side by Side 1 7-24-18 (pdf)